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alarm systems

Alarm Systems

Why do you need security?

Intruder alarms are designed to protect the physical assets within an unoccupied premises and to provide a safer environment for occupants.

Furthermore intruder alarms deter crime and vandalism and enable a co-ordinated response when taking action in the event of an intrusion.

What are your options?

An intrusion system must firstly detect the intruder. This is best achieved by installing a combination of detection devices throughout your premises.

Commonly deployed intrusion detection devices include:

Movement sensors
Break glass sensors
Vibration sensors
Duress and hold-up alarms
Door and window devices
The key to a successful intruder alarm system is the careful selection and configuration of the control panel and detection devices to suit the level of risk and the environment. This maximises the ability for intrusion events to be detected and minimises unwanted false alarms.

Cube Fire and Security are always looking to improve our security service to customers. We continue to upgrade our systems to keep pace with technological change and introduction of new signalling.

Our unique layered protection design, involves perimeter protection and monitoring through to intruder alarms and is proven to be extremely effective in deterring intruders in the first place and providing a rapid response to a security incident.