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Disabled Refuge Systems

SigTEL Disabled Refuge System

Present Building Regulations states that all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey are required to have safe space in case of an emergency, where occupants at the time are able to get assistance if they are not capable or they have no way of using fire escapes nor evacuation lifts.

Efficient two-way communication in these premises is a key factor, as it helps rescue teams know where the incident occurred and also notifies the person in need that the help is coming.

The range contains a pair of different types of central control equipment – SigTEL Compact, a new wall-mounting version (pictured above left) which can handle up to 8 lines (expandable to 16) and a 16 to 128 line modular wall/desk mounting version. Both are usually installed in a building’s control room where they allow staff and/or the fire services to communicate via a phone-style handset with the system’s ‘outstations’ in case of an emergency.

C-TEC’s SigTEL Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) System has been specifically designed for fully compliant BS 5839 Part 9 disabled refuge systems.

A pair of outstations are available for the use – Type A and Type B – the requirements for which are set out in BS 5839 Part 9.

Disabled refuge systems use ‘Type B’ intercom style outstations. The new EVC302F Type B outstation (pictured above right) offers easy communication in the refuge area for those affected by the incident. This great quality product includes true duplex speech which can be tweaked to meet the satisfactory requirements, and a general-purpose relay output that closes on activation of the unit. The surface and weatherproof versions are also available.

Fire telephone and stadium marshal systems use ‘Type A’ telephone-style outstations. Our THS1-E Type A outstation contains a telephone handset in a lockable red steel cabinet. It is typically located at entrances and fire-fighting lobbies to allow fire marshals to communicate with building control during an emergency. Its housing has openings to allow its phone to be heard and it is designed to be surface or semi-flush mounted using a T-Bez bezel. A version with a non-locking handle is also available.