Securing and
Monitoring your Business

Protect your Business from Intruders or Emergency Situations with Real Time Monitoring Sensors and Automated Video Recording.

Securing and
Monitoring your Business

Protect your business from intruders
or emergency situations with real time
monitoring sensors and automated
video recording.

Protecting Businesses

Our Mission

CUBE Fire and Security was established in 2004. The CUBE Fire and Security Team provide all Clients with a ‘Professional, Experienced, Efficient and Cost-Effective Technological Solution’ that meets their own individual needs, whilst also conforming to all current Regulatory and Statutory requirements.


An ‘Internet Protocol’ camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance and which unlike analogue closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. CUBE Fire and Security partner with and utilise ‘AVIGLON’ and ‘HIKVISION’ in providing reliable, robust and effective IP CCTV solutions to our Clients.

Intruder Alarms

‘Intruder Alarm Systems’ are designed to protect the physical assets within an occupied/unoccupied premises and to provide a safer environment for occupants. ‘Intruder Systems’ deter crime and vandalism, whilst enabling a co-ordinated response in the event of an intrusion.

Access Control

CUBE Fire and Security partner with and utilise the Siemens ‘SiPass’ and ‘ACT’ Access Control Systems’, allowing for a ‘functional’ and ‘balanced’ approach between ‘Security’ and ‘Accessibility’.
CUBE Fire & Security ‘Access Control Systems’ offer Clients a ‘Robust, ‘Reliable’ and ‘Cost Effective’ system, ensuring freedom of movement in a secure environment. The CUBE Fire and Security ‘Access Control Systems’ are ‘flexible’, ‘scalable’ and ‘easy to use’


Monitored 24/7, 365 days a year
Cost Effective (Central Station Monitoring Solutions)
Provides A Fast & Efficient Service Response
Dedicated, Competent & Trained Monitoring Personnel
Managed Incidences In ‘Real Time’.

Automated Barriers, Doors & Gate Systems

CUBE Fire and Security partner with FAAC in providing a wide range of Automatic Gates and Barriers. Our range includes both “on-gate” and “under-ground” gate operations. Cube Fire and Security Automatic Gates and Barriers provide high levels of security for the assessed use whether for residential or commercial sites. Each automation system can be operated by control pads or recognition systems, allowing ease of use. Our automation systems include swing gates, slide gates, driveway gates, automatic gates and door operators

Car Parking Systems

Car parking is managed and vehicles counted IN and OUT to ensure that all spaces are used and the number of available spaces is displayed. Access can be granted with a card swipe, fob, zapper, intercom, number plate recognition or free depending on the application. Payment options include cash or coins, ticket reading and mobile phone payment.

  • Public and Commercial Parking Areas
  • Residential Parking Areas
  • Shopping Centre Car Parks
  • Hotels, Universities and Hospitals
  • Staff Parking