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Automation Systems

Cube Fire and Security - Automation


The CUBE Fire & Security Company stands at the forefront of delivering technologically advanced automation system solutions, including automated gates, barriers and doors, which provide enhanced levels of access control and security for a range of operational environments. The Company offers Customers a wide range of offerings within this domain and include a range of automated solutions designed to both manage and regulate entry and exit locations effectively and efficiently.

Automated gates, barriers and doors, not only contribute to the physical security of the site locations, but also provide a convenient and seamless control over specific areas of a site location.

Automation System Key Components


Customisable Solutions

CUBE Fire & Security works closely with our Customer’s to understand their needs and expectations, the sites specific security requirements – a customised solution is then developed and proposed.


Access Control Integration

Our Company has the capabilities to integrate automated gates, barriers and doors with advanced access control systems. This integration further enhances the security of the Customers location, through centralised management structures, monitoring and restriction of access to authorised personnel only.


High Quality Equipment Materials & Construction

The CUBE Fire & Security Company places a strong emphasis on quality and robust materials and equipment, ensuring that a durable and high-quality system is delivered to our Customer and ensures greater longevity during the overall lifespan of the automated system.


Integrated Safety Features

The safety and reliability of any CUBE Fire & Security automated system installation is of paramount importance to us. We incorporate dedicated and specific system safety elements, such as sensors, safety edges and obstacle detection, to both mitigate and eliminate safety related incidents from occurring.


Remote Operation

CUBE Fire & Security solutions provide the opportunity for remote operations capabilities, allowing for the convenient control and management of automated gates, barriers and doors.



With all automated systems that the CUBE Fire & Security install, we ensure that installed system complies with all relevant statutory, safety and regulatory requirements. This commitment to compliance contributes to a reliable and legal installation.


Maintenance & Support

The CUBE Fire & Security Company shall support the Customer in the maintenance of the automated system, by providing a maintenance agreement and plan, ensuring that your automated system remains in optimal operational condition, while ensuring both functionality and reliability.

By offering our Customers with an innovative and proven automated system solutions, in the form of gates, barriers and doors enables our Customers to establish effective control measures, while also prioritising both convenience and safety. The Company’s demonstrated expertise in the customisation, integration and maintenance of automated systems positions CUBE Fire & Security as a trusted and reliable provider, delivering a comprehensive, safe and reliable automated system. Our commitment to excellence and Customer focus, combined with user friendly interfaces and reliable equipment selection, positions the CUBE Fire & Security company as the ’go-to choice for those seeking a sophisticated, technologically advanced and effective automation system, to secure their premises.

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