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Fire Detection


CUBE Fire & Security is a distinguished provider of technologically advanced, robust fire detection systems, which proactively mitigate the associated risks with fire and enhance overall associated site safety.

Leveraging a combination of technologically advanced solutions and sectorial scaled competence, we provide our Customer’s with an extensive range of fire detection solutions, suitable for a broad range of diverse working environments. This extensive range of fire detection solutions, encompass smoke detectors, heat sensors and advanced alarm technologies, that ensure both the early and accurate detection of realised fire incidents. The combination of a tailored and integrated fire detection system is further complemented by an experienced and professional service.

The Standardised Process for Fire Detection System Design & Delivery


Initial Consultation

The first phase of the standardised process, for both the design and delivery of a Fire Detection System, begins with an initial consultation with the Customer. This consultation phase aims to establish the needs and requirements of the Customers site, with specific focus on, but not limited to, the site layout, potential or realised fire risks, site users/residents.


Risk Assessment

The second phase of the process, is to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment. This risk assessment is conducted by experienced members of the CUBE Fire & Security operational team and is supported by key members of the Customer team. It is critical that the risk assessment is both detailed and comprehensive in nature, in order to ensure that the design phase has all the necessary and critical inputs and a customised and robust fire detection system is specified.


System Design

Leveraging the key inputs from the risk assessment, the process moves to its third phase, where the fire detection system is designed.

The design phase includes the selection of critical equipment components, such as detector types, optimising sensor placements and the designing of a fully networked system, allowing for seamless integration into both existing and proposed fire detection systems. The design phase also references and complies with all relevant regulatory and statutory requirements.


Technology Selection

The CUBE Fire & Security Company collaborates with and leverages our long-established partnerships with the reputable and distinguished Fire detection equipment manufacturers within our supply chain, in the fourth phase of the process.

This ensues that not only the technology selection is appropriate to the needs and requirements of the site, but is also of a high-quality standard, with a proven operational record.


Installation Planning

This phase, stage four, encompasses a critical stage of the overall process – the installation planning phase. This process includes, but is not limited to, the preparation of both a mobilisation and communication plan, two key and critical components in the delivery of the system and in ensuring that all relevant regulatory and regulatory, including Customer requirements are met.



The installation phase, stage five of the process, is led by the designated CUBE Fire & Security Project Manager and supported by the operational team, which consists of qualified and competent Engineers and Technicians. The project team, ensure that all requirements of the system have been met and ensures adherence to all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.


System Integration Monitoring

We incorporate both system integration and system monitoring into stage six of the process. The newly installed fire detection system is seamlessly integrated into the existing fire detection system. The fire detection system is then incorporated into either existing or new monitoring system platforms, ensuring a real-time response to any realised or potential fire incidences. CUBE Fire & Security also provide Customers with the opportunity to optimise their system, with technologically proven and advanced end-to-end cloud-based fire detection reporting and fire maintenance routine logging system.


Testing & Commissioning

Stage seven of the process incorporates an integral part of the fire detection system delivery phase and incorporates both the testing and commissioning phase of the fire detection system. The testing and commissioning phase ensures that the fire detection system is functional, safe and that it meets the overall requirements of the system, as set out in the design phase.


Customer Training/Handover

CUBE Fire & Security places a strong emphasis on Customer empowerment. Our team provides comprehensive training to both Customers and their representatives on the day-to-day functional aspects of the fire detection system. This ensures that the end-users are proficient in the day-to-day operation of the system and that they are aware of the system capabilities. Following the completion of the prescribed process steps, including the completion of both the testing/commissioning and Customer training elements, the fire detection system is then formally handed over to the Customer.


Ongoing Maintenance & Support

The CUBE Fire & Security Company remain committed to the long-term efficacy of the installed fire detection system. We offer each Customer a prescribed maintenance plan that adheres to both the fire detection equipment manufactures guidelines and all relevant regulatory and statutory requirements. This maintenance plan is managed via the Company’s CRM jo software and includes defined frequency maintenance inspections, and software updates. Through the maintenance activities, our Customers can be confident that the fire detection system remains maintained in compliance with all relevant requirements, enabling the fire detection system to operate in both a consistent and reliable way.

CUBE Fire & Security’s commitment to excellence, in the delivery of products and services to our Customer’s, extends beyond the seamless integration of these systems, through central monitoring platforms, that promote the timely response of emergency services to a realised fire incident. The Company promotes a proactive approach to fire prevention, through the thorough completion of site specific ‘risk assessments’, to both identify and mitigate both potential and realised risks.

What differentiates and distinguishes the CUBE Fire & Security Company within the Fire & Security industry is its proficiency in both deploying and maintaining ‘technologically advanced’ fire detection systems, along with its ongoing commitment and dedication to ongoing innovation and continuous improvement.

The CUBE Fire & Security Company partners with some of the most distinguished and avant-garde Fire & Security equipment manufacturers within the industry, thus enabling the Company to both offer the most technologically advanced solution to our Customer’s, consistently, with an uncompromising standard to both quality and excellence. Our curated selection of technologically advanced Fire & Security solutions comprises of an array of globally renowned brands, that embody innovation, reliability and precision. We exclusively collaborate with industry leaders, whose brands resonate with quality, such as Advanced™, Hochiki™, Apollo™, Bosch™, C-Tec™, Morley™, Honeywell™ & Tyco™.

We at CUBE Fire & Security apply a meticulous and strategic process approach in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection systems, ensuring a robust and effective system, that provides optimal performance and risk management.

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