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Fire Suppression


An effective and reliable fire suppression system, which forms a critical part of a sites infrastructure, shall have the ability to control a fire, to preserve key assets and in ensure the health and safety of employees and/or end users, in the event of a fire. The CUBE Fire & Security Company proudly deliver proven innovative fire suppression systems, that set the standard for both innovation and reliability.

Fire Suppression System


Gas Cylinders

Gas suppression systems utilise metal manufactured, certified cylinders that are filled with a fire suppression agent. The specification of the gaseous agent depends on the application, the operational environment and the types of infrastructure and/or assets that require protection.


Detection & Alarm Devices

These devices are made up of a combination of smoke detectors, heat detectors and other fire detection devices, that are fully integrated into the overall fire system, to detect the outbreak of a fire. These devices, in the event of a fire outbreak, signal to the release control panel that a fire outbreak has occurred and in turn the release control panel then initiates the discharge of the gaseous suppression agent to extinguish the fire outbreak.


Release Control Panel

The release control panel forms and integral and critical component of the overall gas suppression systems. The release control panel continually monitors environmental conditions within the defined fire suppression system location. Upon detection of a fire, through the integrated fire detection devices, the release control panel initiates the release of fire suppression agent within the area, to both control and extinguish the fire outbreak.


Piping & Distribution Nozzles

Metal piping is utilised to distribute the fire suppression agent from its cylinder storage area to the fire suppression point locally. Distribution nozzles are fitted to the ends of the fire suppression system pipework and are strategically located to ensure both an effective and uniform coverage of the area at risk.


Gas Suppressant

Both the type and specification of the gaseous suppressant utilised within an at risk environment is dependant upon the nature of the risk, environmental considerations, asset types and classifications and any end user health and safety considerations. CUBE Fire & Security utilise a number of gaseous fire suppression agents, including clean agents, such as FM-200, Novec 1230 or inert gases such as argon and nitrogen.


Manual Activation Devices

CUBE Fire & Security also install manual pull down devices, which allow both end users and occupants to manually trigger the fire gas suppression system, in the event of a fire outbreak locally.


Warning Devices

We install fire suppression system audible and visual warning devices, such as sirens and strobe lights, which provide both an audible and visual warning to both end users and occupants on the initiation of the fire suppression system.

Our commitment to the overall safety of individuals and assets, is epitomised through the careful selection of both quality and reliable fire suppression equipment. Whether your operational environment is commercial, industrial or residential, CUBE Fire & Security offers a comprehensive range of solutions that are meticulously designed to combat fires, both swiftly and effectively.

Our suppression systems extend beyond the normal conventional methods, utilising proven and reliable state of the art technologies, including gas suppression systems, that mitigate and reduce damage levels in the event of a fire and ensure the safety of the occupants. With CUBE Fire & Security, you are not just investing in a system, you are partnering with a dedicated team, devoted to providing you with unparalleled protection and service.

The gas suppression systems utilise specialised gases, which are carefully calibrated to starve a fire of oxygen, which it requires for combustion to occur. It swiftly supresses the flames of the fire, while minimising and mitigates the risk of extensive damage to sensitive equipment, assets and infrastructure, while also reducing the overall risk to the occupants of the area, where the fire has ignited.

At CUBE Fire & Security, we are acutely aware that the imperative is to not only detect a fire outbreak, but also to combat the fire, with precision, particularly in environments where water-based solutions are impractical or not a viable solution. Our innovative and proven gas suppression technology provides our Customers with a comprehensive, effective and reliable solution.

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