Emergency Lighting



Emergency Lighting

IS 3217:2013 relates to the provision of ‘Electric Emergency Lighting’ for most non-domestic premises. The 3217:2013 standard provides detailed requirements for the ‘Clear Indication and Safe Illumination’ of ‘Emergency Escape Routes’, along with specific requirements around the ‘Functional Operation of Emergency Lighting’, if normal building lighting fails to operate.

Emergency Lighting Systems

CUBE Fire and Security partner and utilise the fully intelligent ‘Hochiki’ ‘Firescape’ emergency lighting system. The robust ‘Firescape’ emergency lighting system is highly cost effective and environmentally friendly and incorporates the latest LED and battery technology. The fully intelligent ‘Firescape’ system luminaries are fully monitored and incorporate a ‘self-test’ function, therefore eliminating the requirement for manual inspections.

Irish legislation places a mandatory requirement for the provision and regular maintenance of emergency lighting in all public and commercial buildings, which do not contain a ‘self-test’ function.

CUBE Fire and Security will test your emergency lighting to ensure it complies with the current standard IS 3217:2013.

All property owners have a legal obligation to ‘commission’ and ‘maintain’ all emergency lighting within their premises. Quarterly Inspection and Annual Tests of the Emergency Lighting System must be carried out and records maintained. A log of the testing schedule and reports must be maintained by the business owner.

Testing consists of ensuring that each emergency light remains lit for a minimum of 3 hours running off its own battery. All fittings are also be inspected for wear or damage.


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