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CUBE Fire & Security design and install disabled refuge systems, which offers our Customers an innovative communication solution, to enhance the safety of individuals with mobility issues during emergencies and incidences. Disabled refuge systems are strategically installed within designated areas, providing a secure environment for persons with disabilities, while they await the support of the emergencies services and evacuation from the building. Disabled refuge systems  incorporate communication devices, capable of two-way communication, between the occupant(s) of the disabled refuge and the emergency services, promoting a more co-ordinated approach to the planned evacuation. CUBE Fire & Security installed disabled refuge systems comply to current accessibility requirements and safety regulations while also ensuring that the disabled refuge system is seamlessly integrated into the sites overall emergency preparedness plan. CUBE Fire & Security’s focus on inclusivity and reliability promotes us as a trusted partner in the delivery of disabled refuge systems, which always prioritises the safety of the buildings occupants.


CUBE Fire & Security is a trusted installer of advanced nurse call systems, that meet the requirements for their use within healthcare environments. Nurse call systems are meticulously designed to facilitate the efficient communication between patients and healthcare professionals, ensuring timely assistance and enhancing overall patient care. CUBE Fire & Security nurse call applications are user friendly, facilitating patients to summon assistance at the push of a button. The nurse call applications also comply with current healthcare regulations. The CUBE Fire & Security company partners with trusted and reputable nurse call equipment manufacturers, such as C-Tec™, Connexus™ and the newly introduced InterCall™. 


We at CUBE Fire & Security provide a comprehensive alarm monitoring service via a business partnership. Our alarm monitoring services collaborate seamlessly with monitoring centres to ensure that real time responses to alarm notifications. The alarm monitoring services offered by the company involve the continuous surveillance of various fire and security systems, including intruder alarms, fire alarms, panic alarms and other critical security infrastructure.

In the event of an alarm activation, our dedicated monitoring centre will contact the Customer and/or key holder, to assess the notified situation and facilitate, where appropriate co-ordinate a response to the incident by the emergency services. With CUBE Fire & Security, you can be confident, that your system(s) are under constant surveillance, even if you are remote of them

Voice Alarm & Public Address Systems

CUBE Fire & Security is a recognised and trusted provider of technologically advanced voice alarm and public address systems, which facilitate effective communication methods. These advanced voice alarm and public address systems are designed to deliver clear, audible and intelligible announcements, that ensure efficient crowd management, emergency evacuations and routine communications within a diverse range of environments. CUBE Fire & Security has developed a demonstratable expertise in tailoring their voice alarm and public address systems to their specific needs and sites requirements, in a wide range of environments, such as commercial, educational, healthcare or public venues.


The CUBE Fire & Security Company is also a recognised and trusted provider of technologically advanced toile alarm systems, designed to enhance the safety and accessibility in various operational environments. Toilet alarm systems are strategically installed in toilet facilities, providing a reliable method for users to request assistance in the case of unexpected situations and/or emergency situations. All CUBE Fire & Security installed toilet alarm systems are equipped with user friendly activation devices, ensuring a consistent method of use for all persons, including those who may have a diverse range of needs. All toilet alarm installations comply with the relevant safety regulations. With a fous on innovation and user-centric design, CUBE Fire & Security is committed to delivering toilet alarm systems that contribute to creating inclusivity and ensuring secure toilet environments.


Cube Fire & Security extends its commitment to personal safety by offering our Customers  personal panic alarms and panic buttons. These compact and easy-to-use devices are designed to provide individuals with a direct and immediate means of signalling for assistance in emergency situations. CUBE Fire & Security’s personal panic alarms are equipped with user-friendly panic buttons that, when activated, trigger swift response protocols. Whether for personal use or in commercial settings, these devices contribute to a heightened sense of both confidence and security. CUBE Fire & Security ensures that these systems are seamlessly integrated within broader existing security frameworks. Regular maintenance guarantees the continued reliability and designed functionality of personal panic alarms and panic buttons. With a focus on empowering individuals to take proactive measures for their safety, CUBE Fire & Security prescribes a standard in delivering reliable and responsive personal security solutions.

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