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Intruder Alarm Systems

Cube Fire - Intruder Alarm System


An intruder alarm system, also commonly known as a ‘burglar alarm’ is a sophisticated electronic security system, designed to deter and detect unauthorised entry or intrusion into a designated space and/or environment. Intruder alarm systems, paly a pivotable role in safeguarding homes, businesses and organisations, by providing early detection and warning, along with deterrence against potential and/or realised intrusions and threats.

Intruder Alarm System Key Components


Control Panel

The control panel forms the central hub of the intruder alarm system and manages and processes signals from the various sensors and detectors throughout the system. The control panels primary function is to initiate alarms, communicate with monitoring systems and control the overall functionality of the system.


Sensors & Detectors

They encompass equipment such as

  • Motion Sensors – Detects movement within a designated area or zone.
  • Door/Window Contacts – Activates the intruder alarm system when windows and doors are not closed.
  • Vibrations Sensors – Detect vibrations or attempts of forced entry.


Keypads & User Interfaces

These intruder alarm system interfaces, facilitate end users to arm or disarm the system, utilising personalised codes, while also providing a user-friendly interface, for system programming and status monitoring.


Internal & External Bells

Audible and visual alarms, serve as a deterrent while alerting occupants and those in the general vicinity of the activation, of a potential or realised intrusion. The system also incorporates additional, integrated features, such as strobe lighting, sirens and other audible signals, that provide greater visual and audible effectiveness.


Communication Modules

Enables the intruder alarm system to communicate with the Customer, external monitoring stations, emergency services and key holders. The communication modules include landline, cellular networks and internet protocols.


Back Up Power Supply

To ensure the continuous operation of the intruder alarm system, during period s of brief or extended electrical power outages, a back-up power is incorporated into the overall system.

Types of Intruder Alarm Systems


Wired Systems

The intruder alarm system equipment and ancillary components are connected via physical electrical wiring and are utilised in new builds and where the wiring can be easily concealed.


Wireless Systems

The intruder alarm system equipment and ancillary components are connected and communicate wirelessly, affording greater flexibility during the installation phase and are suitable for retro-fitting projects.


Hybrid Systems

Combine both wired and wireless equipment and ancillary components, for optimal flexibility.

The CUBE Fire & Security Company have the demonstrated experience and expertise to ensure that your intruder alarm system is not only technologically advanced, but also customised to your specific needs and requirements of your property, premises and/or organisation. The Company’s dedication in advancing to the forefront of intruder alarm system technologies, coupled with a committed focus to Customer satisfaction, make the CUBE Fire & Security Company a compelling choice as a provider.

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