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CCTV Systems

Cube Fire and Detection - CCTV


The CUBE Fire & Security Company offers its Customer’s technologically advanced and robust closed circuit television (CCTV) solutions. We place a strong emphasis on enhancing our Customer’s security and surveillance capabilities, for use in a diverse range of environments.

CCTV systems installed by the CUBE Fire & Security Company are designed, installed, commissioned and maintained to meet the specific needs of our Customer’s, affording them with integrated features and reliability, including seamless integration into existing CCTV systems.

Why Choose a CUBE Fire & Security CCTV System ?


Customised CCTV Solution

CUBE Fire & Security understand that working environments are different and offer different challenges and have distinct security requirements. The CCTV system designed and installed by CUBE Fire & Security are customised to meet the specific needs and requirements of the Customer. The Company Operations team, through its extensive experience in CCTV installations, identify current and possible vulnerabilities, during the system design phase, ensuring a robust and effective CCTV system installation is installed, which provides extended value to the Customer.


Advanced Camera Technology

CUBE Fire & Security incorporates high-tech camera technology into our Customers CCTV systems, which include high-resolution, high definition, PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) along with specialist grades, which capture clear and detailed CCTV footage for comprehensive monitoring and recording.


Networked System Solutions

CUBE Fire & Security can provide our Customer’s with networked platforms, allowing for centralised monitoring and management, which facilitates real time surveillance, remote access with the ability to integrate CCTV and other security systems.



Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, CUBE Fire & Security’s CCTV system solutions are scalable to accommodate the varying levels of complexity and coverage. This scalability, ensures that the CCTV system can adapt to meet changes in relevant security requirements.


Compliance & Standards

The CUBE Fire & Security Company prioritises both adherence and compliance to relevant industry standards and regulations. This commitment ensures that all CCTV systems installed by the Company, adhere and comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, which in turn provides our Customer’s with confidence of their installed CCTV system.


Installation & Maintenance

All CUBE Fire & Security CCTV systems are installed to the highest quality standards, with all Engineers and Technicians been fully trained and competent in the delivery of the CCTV system installation. Upon completion of the installation and hand-over is completed, each Customer is afforded the opportunity to enrol into a maintenance program, which shall ensure the effective and efficient operation of their CCTV system, while also adhering to the equipment manufacturers operational and maintenance requirements.


User Training

CUBE Fire & Security provide tailored and comprehensive training to end users, on the operational and management features of their CCTV system. This empowers the Customer and their representatives, the opportunity to fully utilise all aspects and features of their CCTV system and increases the value of their investment.


Remote Monitoring

CUBE Fire & Security CCTV systems can support remote monitoring, allowing Customers to access live footage, while also affording them with opportunity to view recorded events remotely. Remote monitoring can also provide the Customer with reassurance and allow them to act in real time, dependent upon the nature of the event.


Data Protection/GDPR

The CUBE Fire & Security Company places strong emphasis on both adherence and compliance to all relevant data protection and privacy requirements, when designing and installing CCTV systems. Adherence to data protection and privacy requirements are an integral part of the Company’s operational ethos and is critical in both the establishment and maintenance of trust between the Company, it’s Customers and their stakeholders. Our Technical team can offer our Customer’s guidance in areas, such as, but not limited to GDPR Compliance, Data Retention Policies, Legal Compliance, Regulatory Compliance and Data Security. The Company continually, as part of our management systems, continually review all regulatory and statutory requirements for changes and revisions, ensuring that we as a Company always remain compliant.


Customer Centric Approach

The CUBE Fire & Security Company, place the Customer and their needs/requirements at the centre of their operational activities. This Customer centric approach involves collaboration, communication and a commitment to delivering, not only a CCTV system, but a tailored security solution, that meets our Customer’s needs and expectations.

At CUBE Fire & Security we pride ourselves in the commitment we make to our Customer’s, to deliver high quality and technologically advanced CCTV systems. We collaborate with leading and trusted CCTV equipment manufacturers, ensuring that our Customer’s benefit from High-Tec technology, reliability and overall system performance. We partner with notable and well-established CCTV equipment manufacturers, such as, but not limited to, Avigalon, Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, Samsung and Milestone. Our established partnerships, with these manufacturers affords our Customer’s with high quality and innovative system equipment. We offer our Customer’s tailored, advanced and integrable systems, that address the ever evolving challenges with diverse operational environments.

Contact our Customer service team today, on 096-79977 for a consultation and let us partner with you in providing a customised CCTV system solution.

Contact our Customer service team today, 

+353 096 79977 

for a consultation and let us partner with you in providing a customised solution.