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The CUBE Fire & Security Company has been providing ‘Fire & Security’ solutions to our Customer’s for over 20 years. We are one of Ireland’s leading Fire & Security solution providers. We are trusted by both ‘private & public’ sector Customers, in the delivery and maintenance of high-quality, reliable and technologically advanced Fire & Security systems.

Cube Fire - Fire Detection

At CUBE Fire & Security we are acutely aware that the early detection of a fire is crucial in preventing potentially avoidable and unnecessary loss of life and/or damage to infrastructure and assets. We leverage the latest advancements in fire detection and fire alarm notification technologies, including ‘cloud based’. We offer our Customer’s a comprehensive suite of fire detection and fire alarm systems, which will ensure real time accurate detection, in the event of a fire outbreak.


The CUBE Fire & Security Company provides tailored and customised fire suppression systems, that utilise both current and advanced fire suppression technologies. Gas fire suppression systems provide a sophisticated and effective mechanism for extinguishing fires, compared to traditional methods, such as the use of water and foam. We recognise that the suppression of a fire, while been the primary objective, has also to be tailored and incorporated into a wider objective, to prevent inadvertent and collateral damage to sensitive infrastructure and equipment. The Company therefore utilises proven technologically advanced fire suppression systems, that supress fires with precision, which are specified for use within a wide range of diverse environments.


Emergency lighting systems area a statutory requirement (I.S. 3217: 2013 + A1:2017) for all commercial environments. Emergency lighting systems are self-contained units that are wired, via low voltage circuit to the mains and are backed up in the event of temporary power disruption and/or extended power outage by a battery. This enables the emergency lighting units to be always illuminated, particularly in emergency situations, thus providing the occupants of a building, safe illuminated direction, towards their nearest emergency exit and overall safe evacuation from the building. The CUBE Fire & Security Company partner with recognised and proven emergency lighting manufactures, offering technologically advanced emergency lighting system solutions.

Cube Fire and Detection - CCTV

CUBE Fire & Security installed CCTV Systems are designed to meet the requirements of our Customer’s and their operational environments, while also providing an overt deterrent mechanism, that also provides for the protection of Employees, Customers, Service Users and Assets. All CCTV system equipment are carefully selected, from our suite of approved business partners, during the design phase, to ensure its suitability to both the operational application(s) and environment(s) while also adhering to all Private Security Authority (PSA)requirements. The Company provides all Customers with a monitoring service, which allows for both central and personal monitoring of the CCTV system.

Cube Fire - Intruder Alarm System

As an approved Private Security Authority (PSA) provider, the CUBE Fire & Security Company recognises that the installation of an intruder alarm system can be an effective mechanism for both deterring and detecting unauthorised access to a Customer’s premises, either private and/or commercial. All CUBE Fire & Security designed and installed intruder alarm systems are equipped with the latest technology, which provide real time alerts, to the Customer and/or the alarm monitoring centre. All intruder alarm systems are installed in compliance with current PSA requirements.


All CUBE Fire & Security installed access control systems both control and regulate movements within an environment and prevent unauthorised access to or egress from either secured or restricted areas. We offer a wide range of technologically advanced access control systems, including key card and biometric, that provide operational efficiency, safety and convenience.


CUBE Fire & Security provide a wide range of automation solutions to our Customer’s in commercial, domestic and industrial settings. We design, install, commission and maintain proven technologically advanced solutions in Automated Gate, Barrier and Door systems. All automation systems, allow for immediate and remote regulation of both Customer site entry and exit locations, both conveniently and reliably. We ensure that all automation systems are designed and tailored to the Customer’s needs and site-specific requirements.

Service & Maintenance
Cube Fire and Security - Services

CUBE Fire & Security is committed to continuing to meet our Customers needs, post installation, though the delivery of scheduled service and maintenance routines. Our Team of both trained and competent Engineers and Technicians, shall ensure that all systems are maintained to a high standard, ensuring both reliability and functionality, throughout the life of the system equipment. Our dedicated Technical Support and Administration Teams are on hand, to address any queries you may have, in respect of your system(s).